Commercial property owners: Let those radio waves in!

Property owners absolutely must view cellular service as a fourth utility. Companies see it as important as water, electricity and internet access. But there is a big problem – radio waves don’t penetrate concrete, radiant barrier windows and other fixed objects, like buildings. Without those radio waves, your tenants will have no cell coverage, no streaming ESPN and no social media.

Commercial properties need adequate cell coverage

Years back I represented a company searching for office space. After months of tours and negotiations, we found the “perfect” office suite. That is until I received a call 15 minutes after they moved in (from a landline). “None of our cell phones work in this office” and “This is your fault, you should have thought of this”. Lesson learned.

The very next tour, with another company, we visited a Class A office tower. Even the CFO could not hide her smile, it was “perfect.” Before we started planning out where their office furniture, pool table and coffee bar would go, I said “Wait, everyone pull out your phones.” We walked to the middle of the suite. Each person’s phone had one bar. It did not matter which cell carrier they had.

They settled on a Class B building that had an adequate floor plan, but it had great cell coverage in every inch of the building.

It does not matter the office configuration either. You could have a wide-open space with plenty of windows, but your multi-tasking employees eat up all the wireless data.

Proper bandwidth for multitasking is a must

While your employees are working away on their three monitors, on their phone they are streaming Netflix and YouTube, snap chatting, and tweeting – all at the SAME time. The poor CEO in the corner office, while scrolling through a 67-page forecast report, is trying to stream his/her daughter’s 8th grade volleyball semifinal on the iPad but is getting only blips and the dreaded loading icon. Everyone is eating up the little available bandwidth making it through those very expensive Platinum LEED windows.

High-tech Wi-Fi and antenna solutions

Fortunately, there are great companies available to partner with property owners to bring the radio waves INSIDE the buildings with products like Distributed Antenna Systems, Carrier Grade Wi-Fi and other high-tech sounding solutions.

You don’t want to lose that next large tenant to the building next door just because they can’t use Twitter inside your property. The solution: Let those radio waves in.

Justin L. Jordan

A life-long resident of North Texas, Justin has provided brokerage services for Collin County and the surrounding area for more than twenty years.

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