Quality of Life in Collin County TX

Quality of life in Collin County, TX

When I was young, I grew up in a house that was across the street from a bike trail, a creek, playgrounds, trees, and dirt paths. The development had originally planned to build a golf course, but instead they decided to put in all of these amenities.

We would spend hours outside every day, fishing, climbing, running, biking, playing, walking in the creek, and swinging on ropes. When the porch light came on, we would saunter back home for dinner.

Many latchkey kids, now adults, long for the freedom to run out the front door and go to the park. More and more developments and cities are prioritizing parks and recreation to attract people and businesses.

Collin County is bringing nature closer to your front door

Keeping open land is good for business. It attracts people who want to live in a healthy and vibrant community. It also provides a place for people to relax and unwind, which can boost productivity.

It’s great that I can go for a walk or jog in the hills during my lunch break. Working from home, hybrid, and more neighborhood office developments are becoming more common.

If you move your family and your business to Collin County, you can be sure that the community is committed to providing a sustainable, long-term quality of life. We can help you find the right mix for your business and your family. Contact us today!


Justin L. Jordan

A life-long resident of North Texas, Justin has provided brokerage services for Collin County and the surrounding area for more than twenty years.

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