The Collin County Outer Loop

The Collin County Outer Loop

What is the Collin County Outer Loop and why is it important to you?

Years ago getting from Plano to Carrollton, from east to west, was an absolute adventure. I mean the backwoods, over train tracks, on asphalt paths that might be able to be called a road kind of adventure.

Things changed rapidly and the George Bush Turnpike was built.

Traveling west from Collin County was a long drive

But then there was a tiny two lane road connecting Collin County with anything to the west called Highway 121. It was brutal. If you wanted to make it from McKinney to Lewisville, it was advisable to bring a book on tape. Every light you stopped at – and there were many – felt like 20 minutes each.

Highway 121 is now the Sam Rayburn Tollway, and it is great. One can get to the airport from McKinney in less than 45 minutes.

Now we are dealing with the dreadful traffic on Highway 380, and the drive east and west continues to be a struggle.

The widening of Highway 380 is ten years too late. It will be an improvement, but my goodness, the traffic is already there.

Collin County has learned a few lessons and has gotten a jump on the great northern growth and that dreaded east/west traffic.

Hello Collin County Outer Loop.

The Collin County Outer Loop will provide investment opportunities

Collin County Outer Loop over time will alleviate traffic, but also provide growth and business opportunities. There are many residential developments already slated for the area, and the dirt is moving. The main thoroughfare will provide some great commercial development and investment opportunities in the near future.

Stay tuned for more insight on the Collin County Outer Loop on this blog. The Collin County, TX website has extensive information on the current project.

Interested in learning more? We love talking about commercial real estate opportunities in Collin County and the surrounding area. Just drop a note on our contact page to start the conversation.

Justin L. Jordan

A life-long resident of North Texas, Justin has provided brokerage services for Collin County and the surrounding area for more than twenty years.

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