Why invest in Collin County commercial real estate?

Investing in Collin County commercial property

Commercial real estate can be a good alternative to investing in the volatile stock market. Collin County, TX is a submarket of Dallas-Fort Worth that commercial developers and investors should look at closely.

As return on investments are shrinking in the larger metro areas, it looks like Collin County, the northernmost suburban area of DFW, is just now heating up.

Collin County real estate is a solid investment

Why does commercial real estate in Collin County look like a solid long term investment? Let’s look into a few indicators and read between the lines:

  • Growth: Since 2000 the population has grown 44.5% to an estimated population of over 1.1 million (2022), making Collin County one of the fastest growing counties in Texas and the United States. If that rate stays on course, and all factors indicate it will, then by 2030 it is estimated that over 1.5 million people will call Collin County home.
  • Diversity: One in five Collin County residents are foreign-born, resulting in a diverse community and driving the need for more community, institutional and family-driven facilities and amenities.
  • Demand: The total vacancy of existing Class A office buildings is at a low 9% in Collin County. With giant corporations relocating their headquarters to Plano and Frisco, along with the investment in infrastructure and transportation, new office construction is in high gear.

    With new corporate headquarters comes the need for more office buildings, retail locations, restaurants and hotels, service industry oriented businesses and residential properties.

Momentum in Collin County real estate growth

With the momentum that the commercial and residential growth is generating, it is a fairly safe bet that Collin County, TX will possibly experience its best years to date over the next 15 years. That is a formula for a solid investment.

Justin L. Jordan

A life-long resident of North Texas, Justin has provided brokerage services for Collin County and the surrounding area for more than twenty years.

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